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Marvellous Festival 25/7/15

Boomtown Festival 14/8/15

Hope & Anchor, Wokingham 22/8/15

Wokingham Music Festival 29/8/15

The Railway Tavern, Hungerford 14/11/15


Indigo - Hoopy Frood
Psychonaut - Hoopy Frood
Hoopy Frood
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The Froods are celebrating a decade of friendship and making noises together.

Two albums in ten years is not exactly a generous offering considering the hours of material we have stored up but these things take time, energy and money to do properly and we only have one of these things in abundance.

However, this year we pledge to bring the following to your senses:

  1. We think we may start by letting you hear some of our more folky acoustic songs, predominantly penned by Chris. Ott has kindly mixed the first of these already for us and the result will be in your ears very soon.
  2. We will be making a video of our 1st song and bringing this for your eyes to behold, thus keeping your ears company when they hear the new music.
  3. So as not to create jealousy from your other senses we will be playing more gigs and festivals so that you can touch, taste and smell the band.

We hope that you will like this years offerings but offer a warning to those expecting more of the same: don't!

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